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Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Methodology

The Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation 2019

Following on from Concepts, the first book in his Contemporary Oriental Medicine series, Dr. Hammer presents Methodology: an essential examination of the full diagnostic and management process. He focuses on the three key stages – Acquisition, Assessment, and Management – and describes each using a complete and thorough case history.

Methodology follows one patient, from her initial interview to her treatment plan and beyond, and describes in great detail the reasons, explanations, and importance of every step of the process. Highlighting Dr. hammer’s focus on each patient as an individual, and the necessity of determining the true root of each condition, Methodology provides an invaluable guidebook to any practitioner of Oriental medicine. It offers a framework to allow practitioners to understand better the information they gather from patients, and multiple ways they can increase and enhance the quality and quantity of that information.

Whatever your style of medicine, you will find this book a vital companion and the key to many of the puzzles of practice.

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