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Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Concepts

The Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation 2018

Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Concepts is a bold new volume by the acclaimed master of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D. The culmination of over sixty years’ experience, Concepts represents a lifetime of work, study, and devotion to the search for a true path to healing. Following on from the teachings of his mentor, Dr. John H.F. Shen, Dr. Hammer presents an evolved and updated understanding of the medicine of the renowned Menghe-Ding lineage of Chinese Medicine, of which he is now a successor. Concepts is much more than a practical manual, although it is brimming with valuable clinical advice. It also presents a new philosophy: a new way of looking at medicine, and at the world in which we live.

Contemporary Oriental Medicine is about so much more than just where to insert needles, or which herbs to prescribe. Rather, it represents a paradigm shift in healing and awareness, giving both patients and practitioners the tools they need to enact real recovery, and change their lives for the better. Exploring, among other subjects, theories on Ecology, ‘Terrain, Stress, Root, and Vulnerability’, the vital role of the Liver in Chinese Medicine, the critical importance of Lifestyle as a cause and resolution of disease, and Dr. Hammer’s remarkable insight into the ‘Separation of Yin and Yang’ and ‘Qi Wild’ as disease processes throughout life, this book brings together, for the first time, the truly outstanding body of work that constitutes the main tenets of Contemporary Oriental Medicine. A rewarding read and an essential addition to the libraries of practitioners and students alike, Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Concepts will change the modern world of Chinese medicine.

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