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Treatment Methods from the Menghe-Ding Lineage of Chinese Medicine

Continue your studies and help support our non-profit Foundation so we can continue to distribute the life’s work of Dr. Hammer. Purchase the second series of Lessons.

A subscription to twelve, new, monthly Lessons from Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D. Continue your studies whilst helping to support our not-for-profit Foundation.


Course Description:

Series Two:

A second series of twelve new Lessons covering more important material from the work of Dr. Hammer, Dr. Shen, and the Menghe-Ding Lineage

Spinal Alignment:

Series Two also includes the complete version of Dr. Hammer’s treatment of ‘long leg’ and how he assesses and corrects spinal misalignments using acupuncture ($150 value)


Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

Dr.Leon I. Hammer, M.D. has had a remarkable life and career. He has a wonderful ability to think independently of establishment constructs, and because of this has made invaluable contributions to the world of medicine and healing. Born in 1924 in New York City, he served in the United States military during and after World War Two as a Navigator, Aerial Gunner, Captain and Physician. He attended Cornell University and Cornell Medical College, and then went on to study at the William A. White Institute of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry.

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