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The Mystical Aspect of Taoism with REPOSEE Qi Gong and the 13 Ghost Points

Demystify the 13 Ghost Points as related to the concept of a ‘Ghost’ and bring awareness to the healing aspect of rituals that connect us to our ancestors through the practice of Reposee, a traditional medical Qi Gong.

4 NCCAOM PDAs • $99.95

About the Course:

By analyzing the 13 Ghost Points through the lens of Drs. Shen and Hammer, practitioners will reconnect with themselves both as a practitioner and individual to have a better understanding of the relationship between body, mind and spirit when treating and to be of service to all humanity.

This peculiar grouping of acupuncture points first appeared as “The Song of the 13 Ghost Points” written in the book “The Thousand Gold Prescriptions” by Sun Simiao. The points are well chosen and sequenced in such a way that disharmony is gently restored into harmony. At the end of the course students and practitioners will be able to integrate the 13 Ghost Points and Reposee method into their own practice.

In this Distance Learning Class, we will:
  • Bring awareness of the healing aspect of ritual with the celebration of our ancestors through a medical Qi Gong practice called “Reposee” – This connection is described by Dr. Leon Hammer, MD as a necessary foundation of the “advanced practitioner”;
  • Present the 13 Ghost Points, point by point, with their anatomy location, and a discussion of insertion or acupressure methods and indications; and
  • Experience a relaxing, guided meditation to prevent clinic burn-out and refresh the senses by going through all 13 Ghost points to calm the shen, raise the clear yang Qi for clarity and focus, and drain excess emotions, and phlegm / dampness.
Who Should Take This Course:
  • Practitioners interested in incorporating Alchemical Healing approaches into their practice;
  • Practitioners who are focused on the psycho-emotional aspects of treatment;
    Practitioners and students who would like to expand their treatment toolbox for difficult patient cases.


Christine Tarradelles

Dr.Christine Tarradelles, DAIM has a background in Science as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Ecole National of Commerce and Art des Métiers, Paris. She received a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences in Oakland, and a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine at AIMC Berkeley. Christine has numerous certifications and experience as a Holistic Practitioner Educator, health care, and nutritionist for both Eastern and Western approaches. She is a Reiki Master and 4th degree level from the Modern Spiritual School called ‘Actual Design’, founded by Dr. Russell Paul Schofied. Christine is a member of the faculty and professor associate at AIMC Berkeley. She teaches Dai Yen Qigong as a certified instructor of the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts, and practice privately in San Rafael, California.

Course Curriculum

The Mystical Aspect of Taoism with REPOSEE Qi Gong and the 13 Ghost Points – 4 NCCAOM PDA’s

  • Video Lecture
  • 13 Ghost Point Guided Meditation
  • NCCAOM Required Worksheet
  • NCCAOM Required Quiz
  • Course Evaluation
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