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Learn COM

Deepening Skills to Treat and Heal

Deepening Skills to
Treat and Heal

Embark on a Journey to Deepen your Knowledge
Embark on a Journey to
Deepen your Knowledge

A rewarding study into the depth of true healing artistry

Whether you are just starting your journey into the beauty and depths of Chinese medicine, or you are a seasoned practitioner wishing to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Contemporary Oriental Medicine’s unique concepts, the Foundation can help you to connect to a program, class, or teacher to suit your learning.

As past of the Foundation’s mission is to facilitate the teaching of COM to practitioners worldwide, we work with instructors to produce online learning content. We also work with instructors to create and promote live trainings and workshops.

Below you will find more information about:
  • Dragon Rises College
    of Oriental Medicine…

…the premier graduate school which prepares students for initial licensure in the acupuncture profession through a COM focused acupuncture and herbal medicine Master degree program;

  • Dr. Leon Hammer Legacy Foundation Sponsored
    Continuing Education Coursework…

…for licensed practitioners wishing to deepen their knowledge of COM concepts and pulse training, these class are hosted by the Foundation and approved for NCCAOM PDA credits;

  • Certified COM Instructors…

…this referral list will help you to connect with Dr. Hammer’s approved senior teachers and certified lineage holders.

Dragon Rises College
of Oriental Medicine

Located in Gainesville, Florida, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine provides the ideal environment and resources for acupuncture students. Co-founded in 2001 by Dr. Leon Hammer, DRCOM aims to disseminate and propagate his extensive clinical experience and decades of study.

Unique among acupuncture schools, Dragon Rises College offers its students a complete and far-reaching education, enabling them to become competent, confident and successful acupuncturists.

The curriculum is demanding and comprehensive, crafted from the knowledge and wisdom of some of Chinese Medicine’s most eminent scholars. For students wishing to learn acupuncture in a dynamic and inspirational way, DRCOM is an excellent choice.

Experienced practitioners from around the World regularly travel to study at Dragon Rises College, as some of the skills taught at the school are offered nowhere else.

I trained at what is considered one of the best and oldest schools of Chinese medicine outside of China. I have since travelled to Gainesville many times over the years for post-graduate courses, to learn what you have the chance to learn from day one of your training. I am not alone in making this journey. If you want to work in healthcare and you have a choice between several colleges, or even several professions, save yourself the time and expense later on. Start out by learning the material you need to be a great practitioner. I am already licensed, but if I could be a Masters student at Dragon Rises College, I would.Oliver Nash L.Ac, MBAcC, United Kingdom

To study acupuncture and Chinese medicine at an exceptional college, and to become an acupuncturist of exquisite skill and awareness…

…Contact Dragon Rises & Begin Your Journey→

Foundation Sponsored
Continuing Education

The Foundation offers both live and online classes, workshops, trainings and apprenticeships. As an approved NCCAOM PDA Provider, many of our classes qualify for the continuing education credits needed towards your Diplomate and/or state licensure renewal.

Link to Events / Courses →


Distance Learning

(Online and Self-Paced)

Our virtual learning platform allows you to view slides and listen to recorded audio at your own pace.

Benefit from the experience of masters

Clinical wisdom and insight from the renowned Menghe-Ding lineage, and the life’s work of Dr. John H.F. Shen, O.M.D. and Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

The result of a lifetime of study and devotion to healing, Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM) has been formulated over eighty years of clinical practice from wisdom that reaches beyond the beginnings of recorded history. It is grounded in ancient medical knowledge that has evolved through the course of many centuries and has been developed further by Drs. Shen and Hammer to manage the challenges of the modern world.

Explore this Beautiful and Deep Tradition Now

The Foundation is approved to provide NCCAOM PDAs. Earn credit while you learn!

Online Courses:
Treatment Methods from the Menghe-Ding Lineage of Chinese Medicine
Continue your studies and help support our non-profit Foundation so we can continue to distribute the life's work of Dr. Hammer. Purchase the second series of Lessons. A subscription to…
Knowledge and Skills from the Menghe-Ding Lineage of Chinese Medicine
Twelve free Lessons containing clinical wisdom and insight from the renowned Menghe-Ding lineage, and the life's work of Dr. John H.F. Shen, O.M.D. and Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D. Enroll for…
Foundations of Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis
This 16 -hour lecture series is presented in four video lectures that will introduce the foundational concepts of pulse diagnosis and showcase the Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) lineage.…
The Mystical Aspect of Taoism with REPOSEE Qi Gong and the 13 Ghost Points
Demystify the 13 Ghost Points as related to the concept of a ‘Ghost’ and bring awareness to the healing aspect of rituals that connect us to our ancestors through the…


Certified Instructors

The unique treatment concepts and pulse diagnostic skills (CCPD) of COM take years of dedicated study and apprenticeship to fully master. The teachers in this database of certified instructors have demonstrated a deep and comprehensive knowledge of COM and/or CCPD, and have received official acknowledgement and approval from Dr. Hammer to provide students with mentorship and instruction. Many of these lineage holders have decades of clinical practice experience implementing COM and CCPD into successful treatment strategies for hundreds of patients. In addition, they have been certified to teach this medicine to new generations of practitioners. Contact them directly for training or see our Upcoming Events listing for a selection of COM and Pulse related classes taught by these certified instructors.

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