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About The COM Community

The COM Community is comprised of East Asian Medical practitioners from many schools and traditions practicing a wide range of styles. It also welcomes patients and members of the general public who share a love and passion for learning and celebrating Dr. Hammer’s lifework in developing this deeply meaningful healing tradition. Graduates of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine (DRCOM), the school created by Dr. Hammer and owned by the Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation, are also part of our community.

COM Community members commit their support to promoting and preserving this rich tradition through an annual membership fee of $50, automatically renewed on January 1st. First year community members and members who join the community on or after July 1st enjoy an initial prorated discount of $25.

Graduates of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine automatically receive a one year complimentary COM community membership upon completion of their schooling program, after which they are encouraged to continue their commitment to the COM community with an annual paid membership.

COM Community Member Benefits:
  • Find a Practitioner Referral Listing:

Community members are listed on our Find a Practitioner referral database including a head shot or clinic logo, address and website / contact listing. *Certified COM Practitioners enjoy a complimentary listing in our referral database provided they demonstrate continued proficiency of their skills through continuing education and refresher coursework at a predetermined interval. They must commit to a paid membership to access the other benefits of the COM Community.

  • Discounted CEU / PDA Classes:

Community members receive a 15% discount off the regular price of any Foundation sponsored continuing education classes or distance learning classes good for NCCAOM PDA credit, and a 5% discount off the regular price of any independent class hosted by a Certified Instructor from our Learn COM database. Your membership typically pays for itself through the discount offered after just one Foundation sponsored class!

  • Quarterly Livestream Bonus Classes:

Community members get exclusive access to quarterly bonus classes via livestream presented by Foundation Board members and Certified Instructors on specialized COM didactic and Pulse topics. These classes are not valid for CEU / PDA credit yet still contain a wealth of valuable information.

  • First Access to New Content:

Community members have the opportunity to preorder new texts and other COM material for a discount price before they are released to the general public.

Local Networks and Virtual Connections

Like and follow us on our public social media pages for news on all things COM Foundation,.

  • The Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation


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  • The Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine


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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help grow the community and further the reach of Dr. Hammer’s work? Help with community activities and organization, or lend your expertise to the Foundation in other capacities! The Foundation is currently looking for people with the interest and skills to serve on the following committees:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Publication
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Technology
Ready to serve?

Link to Contact Form

Click on each committee name above for a contact link to that committee’s chairperson. Our for general volunteer opportunities, contact our Operations committee for learn about additional ways you can get involved with the Foundation. Committee members may login to our voluteers members-only portal at the bottom of our About Us: Board Members page.

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