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  • COM Foundation Member at Large
  • Chairperson, Technology Committee

Dr. Daniel Linder’s journey as a healer began over 25 years ago when he started training in Danzan Ryu jujitsu and Seifukujitsu, a restorative bodywork therapy. His formal education includes a BS degree in psychology, a masters degree in oriental medicine, and a doctoral degree in acupuncture and integrative medicine. Other educational pursuits include Somatic Experiencing, Classical (Zheng Gu) Tuina, medical qigong, integrative cosmetic acupuncture, Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM), and the Contemporary Chinese (Shen-Hammer) Pulse Diagnostic system.

While working as a corporate business and technology professional for more than 20 years, Dan earned an Executive MBA and certifications in Project Management & Agile development. He has extensive business experience managing teams, projects, programs, and operations. As a systems-minded professional with both strategic and tactical perspectives, he brings a unique perspective to the healing arts and sciences.

Dan continues to treat patients, teach Danzan Ryu jujitsu, and assist with Seifukujitsu trainings. His ongoing educational interests lie in classical Chinese medicine, mind-body therapies, spiritual-emotional development, medicinal bodywork, orthopedics/pain management, and the intersection of the martial and medicinal.

Soma Therapeutics

4110 Redwood Rd.
Suite 102
Oakland, CA 94619
(925) 272-9109

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